(Paul) Ardy Sarraf


(George) Michael Amador

The Fab Four
"a splendid time is guarenteed for ALL!"

"Not to play favorites here, but....OH, WHO AM I KIDDING??!
These kids put on a show that is nothing short of friggin' AMAZING!!!
You want to catch a tribute band that has a high-enegry performance? 
Then this band is for you!
Not only do they really put on a great show with all the "eras" covered,
(Sullivan, Sgt. Pepper, Abby Road, and Post-Beatle), 
but each of the band members are truly amazing musicians and singers.
It's a five starr show folks!  I highly recommend it to everyone!"

Here's some sound bites for your listening pleasure:


and if you haven't heard their  Christmas album yet, RUSH out and get it!!!

The Fab Four is: 
(John) Ron McNeil
(Paul) Ardy Sarraf
(George) Michael Amador
(Ringo) Rolo Sandoval

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Alumni or Tribute Questions? Contact:

(John) Ron McNeil

(Ringo) Rolo Sandoval